学术报告:Thermal metamaterials and heat transfer in moving medium

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报告题目:Thermal metamaterials and heat transfer in moving medium

人:Dr. Ying Li新加坡国立大学




It is well known that the motion of matter has a dragging effect on the transportation of physical fields including electromagnetic wave, acoustic wave, and diffusion, because of the convective effects of the velocity field. Thermal convection is a common phenomenon that has been studied for a long time, but its utilization is limited to conventional cooling purposes. Here, we introduce the progresses of thermal metamaterials in recent years, and some novel approaches to extend the field into thermal convection. We report three kinds of systems that suppress the dragging effect of moving medium. Inspired by the recent developments in photonics and other novel wave materials, we propose physical models in analogue of zero-index photnonics, preserving anti-parity-time symmetry, or based on nonreciprocal considerations. Our theories can describe and well predict the behaviors of the systems at high and low moving speeds, as confirmed by simulations and experiments. The results indicate new directions of researches on heat transfer with deeper understanding and promising applications.


李鹰,新加坡国立大学电子与计算机工程系博士后研究员。2011年获得复旦大学力学与工程科学系(现航空航天系)理学学士学位,2016年获得复旦大学航空航天系流体力学博士学位。以第一作者身份在 Science, Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Light: Science & Applications等期刊发表论文。主要研究兴趣包括:材料及复杂结构的传热性能研究与智能调控,非厄密物理在热输运、光机械系统、无线传能等领域的应用,红外热辐射调控及反侦察,对流传热调控、热电材料的传热性质及其温度调控等。

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